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Using Mobile Phones

Everything from DJ/Karaoke host, Emcee host, Private Remote Host and Closed Circuit Radio Event Execution, and a lot more!


Private Radio Station Remote Broadcasts for Businesses, Churches and other businesses ... Ask for Details! 

Need A Presenter Along With Our Equipment?  We Can Help With That Too!

Pitch Sales Event Presenter

Closed-Circuit Audio Manages Audio Experiences and Optimizes Event Space

YourEventAudio provides turnkey wireless, closed-circuit audio equipment, installation, and assistance for trade shows and conferences, public address, and live-event radio and broadcast settings. An over-the-ear audio system replaces a public-address system (speaker and microphone) on the trade show floor or wherever users would prefer that information be disseminated more exclusively.

A closed-circuit audio system reduces noise and makes it possible to place multiple presentations in the same room. Users can view content from a live presentation or on a video screen while listening via a headset. The system blocks out noise from other areas of the trade show or conference and helps reduce the noise that open-circuit presentations emit. It can also be used to provide translated audio to listeners in different languages.  With the NextRadio mobile app on most Smartphones, attendees can hear a presenter through their phones and earbuds. YourEventAudio used this technology at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! 2018 in the SMT Expo booth during a recording of the “Don and Mike Show” industry podcast. As the show was recording, attendees can listen in with their phones.                  FROM IAEE TECH SOLUTIONS PAGE


Our wireless audio offerings work in a number of areas, a few which are highlighted below:
Providers of closed-circuit audio and Live Presenters for your events!

Trade Shows & Conferences

- Presenter focused closed circuit audio

- Assisted listening applications

- Looped message on headset

- Multiple presentations in one area

- Language translations

Live Event Radio & Broadcasting

- Special event tune-in

- Information broadcasting

- Private radio remote opportunities

- Retail location specials and sales

- Sporting events

Public Address


- Speaker extension

- Central communication needs

Custom Setup


- No matter the size of the project, our team of

   experts can find the right system to make your

   message heard


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